Course Preview

Introduction to Neural Networks and Machine Learning
Instructor: Geoffrey E. Hinton
Department: Computer Science
Institution: University of Toronto
Platform: Independent
Price: Free
This course is taught using the "inverted classroom" model. This means that instead of being introduced to the material in a largely one-way lecture in a hall, you'll watch the lecture as a video at home before class, and then in class, we can have a much more dynamic discussion about it. Each lecture has been recorded by Geoffrey Hinton as a set of about 3 short videos. If you are registered for the class, you will be able to view these videos on the Coursera website. Details of how to do this will be given in the first lecture period. Each lecture period will consist of a class discussion of the content of the videos for that lecture, so you must watch the videos before the corresponding lecture period. If you don't, most of the discussion will probably be lost on you and class will be wasted time.