Course Preview

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance & Saving Thousands
Instructor: Justin Kelsey
Platform: Udemy
Price: Free

Requirements Desire to save money and live a balanced financial lifestyle Readiness to watch a small investment in the course turn into an incredible amount of savings Willingness to think outside of the (financial) box Access to Microsoft Excel or similar software (Google Docs will work as well) At least one bank account (saving or checking) Optional: HP 10bII+ financial calculator Optional: Brokerage account for trading mutual funds and stocks

Description In this course, I plan to go educate you on every aspect of personal finance, as well as how you can immediately begin saving thousands of dollars every year and feel great about your financial future for the rest of your life. In case you couldn't tell, finance is incredibly exciting to me, and I hope the knowledge taught in this course will bring you all of the same success it's brought me, saving nearly $15,000 every year using the knowledge I'll be teaching you. Although many courses on here are taught via lecture slides and voice-overs, I personally hated learning that way and found it very hard to focus. I'm not going to just read off a slide while I sit in my underwear, I'm going to speak directly to you throughout the course in order to keep your attention and have some fun, in addition to walking you through various programs, easy PowerPoint slides, and processes through live screen recordings, with nearly 3 hours of engaging, extremely high-quality 1080p HD video content (filmed on a camera I spent way too much money on, just for this course). You should enroll in my course not only because I've been creating highly in-depth budgets in order to live a very comfortable lifestyle for the past 5 years, but because I will provide you with all of the necessary tools and every ounce of knowledge for you to do the same. Everything from Excel templates to negotiation tools, I made learning the lessons taught in this course as efficient as possible. In addition to that, I will always be available as a mentor for my students to answer questions and guide you along the way. Whether you're a college student ready to break out into the real world, or an experienced working professional looking to save more money to ensure a more comfortable retirement, I can assure you anyone will find value in this course that will last a lifetime. I can assure you that the cost of the course alone will be saved within your first month of budgeting. If you're not completely happy with it, let me know and I will personally find a way to ensure I've helped you in one way or another. If there's really nothing I can do to help you financially, then you're always welcome to take advantage of Udemy's money-back guarantee.Thank you, and I hope to be teaching you soon! Who is the target audience? Students looking to avoid debt or get yourself out of it Parents of young adults who could use some invaluable financial education Adults of any age looking to refine their financial situation and save money Students about to graduate college with a new job Students entering college with a desire to start saving money Young adults looking to educate themselves on all aspects of personal finance Young adults who are looking to start, build, and maximize credit Anyone curious in learning the fundamentals of personal finance You should NOT take this course if you're looking to get rich without working for it