Course Preview

Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology
Instructor: Jeremy Clark
Department: Information Systems Engineering
Institution: Concordia University
Platform: Independent
Price: Free
Prerequisites: cryptography

This course has no formal prerequisites. It will invovle a little cryptography, which will be taught as if you have not taken 6110, and a little programming of short smart contracts (10s of lines of code). Students from Quality or other departments welcome.

Arvind Narayanan,‎ Joseph Bonneau,‎ Edward Felten,‎ Andrew Miller,‎ Steven Goldfeder. "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction", Princeton University Press, 2016.
The course is on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. The following topics will be covered (time-permitting): digital cash, hash functions, digital signatures, merkle trees linked time-stamping, blockchains, bitcoin, ethereum, smart contracts, solidity, fintech.